A Wish to Help Aurora Shooting Victim Ashley Moser


On July 20th, 2012, a gunman walked into an Aurora, Colorado movie theater and committed one of the largest mass shootings in the history of the United States. Notably, it was the most lethal of 2012 – a year sadly also marked by the killing of 20 children and six adults at a Newtown Connecticut elementary school. Today, One Wish would like to focus on one story from that terrible Aurora shooting massacre that touched the heart of Nathalie, one of our community members.

Surviving the Movie Theater Shooting in Aurora

Ashley Moser, a 25 year-old mother went to the movies that day with her husband and 6-year old daughter Veronica. She left that theater with bullets in her abdomen and throat, and without a daughter who would not survive that fateful date. Her daughter, Veronica, was the youngest victim of the shooting in Aurora. But the pain didn’t end there for Ashley. Weeks later, she suffered a miscarriage due to the circumstances. Ashley has also remained paralyzed, with a prolonged recovery and a forecast of numerous surgeries that, hopefully, will help her regain the use of her arms and other areas of her body.

Help Raise Money for Ashley Moser

One Wish has decided to share Nathalie’s wish for us to donate to the Ashley V. Moser Special Needs Trust because this is the kind of important wish, that together, as a community we can help make come true. Ashley has gone through a lot – and it is the love and support of a community around the globe that can help ease the pain, as well as the hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills that have piled up since that fateful night last July.

We encourage you to make any sized donation to Nathalie’s wish to support Ashley’s healing and growth. All funds pledged to this wish will go directly into the Ashley V. Moser Special Needs Trust. To support Ashley, and to share our wish for her with your friends or family, just go to http://onewi.sh/helpash.

The One Wish team